Lake Turkana Wind Power

In March 2016, I carried out a film and photographic project in Northern Kenya for an independent media organisation - Danwatch. The long­-awaited and problem­-beset Lake Turkana wind farm is finally in the final stages of its construction. Danish wind energy giant Vestas is involved in a multinational consortium and its role is to supply the turbines.Our brief was to look at the social consequences of a massive wind power project in Lake Turkana. The project's very basis has been called into question amidst much strife between the communities living in that part of northern Kenya. The report's details are published here. See also my blog post with a list of press reports.

"Is the LTWP a blessing or a curse for us? We were expecting to lead a good life. It is a multibillion dollar project and well known all over the world. And yet we still living a miserable life in this village. If you live on leased land you are declaring yourself as a squatter. The problems of prostitution and alcoholism ­ there is a reason why people are involved in these. There are no jobs. " - Sarima resident.

Using insider documentation, access on the ground in Kenya, personal testimony and images inside the project area, Danwatch's investigation reveals the extent of the problems surrounding the billion dollar plus investment: the plight of Sarima villagers, tensions around social differentiation within the pastoralist communities, harassment, intimidation, violence faced by individuals and communities, the lack of consultation and most significantly the unresolved court case around the issue of how the land was acquired by the project.