Surviving a Massacre

In my many months of filming in the Rohingya refugee camps, I have found it very difficult to find anything redemptive. It all seemed extremely bleak. However knowing Mumtaz has changed that. When I first met her in late September 2017, she was bandaged up like a mummy. Her daughter, Razia, had two huge gashes on her head. Over the months, Mumtaz's injuries healed. As did Razia's, though her head wounds are still clearly visible. Mumtaz not only healed but exudes a resilience and energy, I find difficult to explain. She will never get over the horrible deaths of her three children and her husband but clearly her endurance and her will to survive comes from her love for her only remaining child. Mumtaz features in my documentary about Tula Toli, and she also features in my forthcoming project on massacre surivivors.